Christmas Decorations ft. Dried Flowers

Don’t get me wrong – I adore fresh flowers, their fragrance, their ability to make your home look warm and welcoming, or fresh as a summer garden. Most of all, I love working with all types of flora from the normal to the unusual.

But during the autumn and winter seasons, fresh flowers become a little more expensive and sometimes not in ready supply – they also do not last as long as they do in the summer months. Central heating can shorten the life of fresh flowers very quickly.

Many dried flowers lend themselves perfectly to the seasons. You do not have to stop at flowers, there are so many additions you can make to that perfect bouquet or an amazing wreath for your front door at Christmas, or a decoration in your house. 

Dried flowers are multi-functional, in fact there is a huge current trend for brides to use them in their bouquets.  Often I have brides asking whether there is a way to preserve their wedding bouquet after the day. Your wedding day is so, so special, and you can preserve that memory by using dried & preserved flowers in the first place!

Do dried flowers have an aroma?

Yes, they do, in varying degrees. As for flowers, you can use gardenias, jasmine, lilac, peonies, roses, some lilies (my namesake!) and scented geraniums.

You do not need to stop at flowers either – if you want an unusual wreath for Christmas, think of the range of herbs that can be included such as lavender, rosemary and thyme, among others. Dried fruit also works well, with rings of oranges or clementines, studded with cinnamon – the real scent of Christmas. Always make sure that the wreath you buy however, should have a firm circular base to which everything is attached – dried willow is a very good choice, but you can buy other bases such as grapevine wreath or pampas grass. 

Think about having a matching table centrepiece with candles. Imagine sitting down to Christmas lunch with such a glorious smell, mingling with your turkey, sage and onion stuffing and pigs in blankets! The whole house will smell of the true Christmas period. You could even have some place cards made from the same dried flowers – they look stunning and completely different to the usual, somewhat boring designs.

Another beautiful idea is to have your tags for presents made with the same dried floral and herbal items. This is so much more personal than the usual tags you get with Christmas paper. Presents wrapped in kraft paper with handmade tags look amazing and will make your presents stand out under the Christmas tree!

Will my arrangements last longer than just one Christmas?

Indeed, they will, if you look after them, and not just toss them in the loft or the garage. You can certainly get 1-2 years out of your wreaths, and depending what they are made of, even possibly 3 years. Our Nudi Wreath is perfect for a natural looking wreath, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, out Raspberri Wreath is the perfect fun eye catcher!

Can I add extra fragrance to my dried flowers?

You can add fragrance to your dried arrangements – it is roughly the same as adding a fragrance oil to pot pourri. Just remember that some oils are far more concentrated than others, so you do not want to overwhelm the original aroma. A few drops will do and use the oil sparingly.

Preserving your wreath or arrangement after Christmas

Personally, I always use preservation agents before I give the dried flower arrangements to my customers. If you want to ensure that your wreath is still in great condition for the following year, use a foliage sealant to prevent the leaves drying out too much and breaking or shattering. Once you have done this, store your wreath or arrangement in a large flat box with a lid (to prevent dust settling). You can store it then in your loft or garage without worry.

For any more tips, I am always here to answer your queries!

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