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Hi there & welcome to Blossi!

The website has now been live nearly a week so I thought it only right for me to properly introduce myself!

My name is Lily (somewhat a self-fulfilled prophecy) & I am the owner of Blossi! I have worked with flowers for many years, based in London, Brighton & have recently moved back up North to Nottinghamshire. As well as flowers, I have a background working within set design for events & also within the fashion industry. All of which has broadened my knowledge & style with flowers & interior.

Blossi was founded in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, something that seriously not only affected people physically, but also businesses financially &, let’s be honest, mentally.

At the beginning of 2020 I was an excited florist flying out to Panama to work on the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. Collecting photos for my floristry portfolio & planning my year ahead of jobs for wonderful weddings. Then, the UK went into lockdown, shops were shutting down, suppliers unable to supply & weddings being delayed for the unforeseeable. This all came as a shock to me & many other wedding suppliers who were left trying to work out what we were to do.

The creation of Blossi was the silver lining of 2020 for me. I wanted to keep working with flowers as they are my passion, however I needed to adapt to the current climate. This is where dried flowers came to play a huge role within Blossi. I love receiving flowers almost as much as I love gifting them. For me, it’s wonderful to know that a gift you gave someone will be looked at & will instantly make them think of you. With dried flowers, this is a gift that just keeps giving – if looked after properly, dried flowers can last for years! The way we see it, Blossi is able to deliver a long-lasting, long-distance hug & reassurance that we are not alone.

For now, Blossi is a one man show – just me! which is why every order, every kind word & every share is dearly appreciated. Without Blossi I’m not sure how I would be able to continue with flowers throughout this pandemic. Investing in a small, independent business may be seen as a risk, but know that you are investing in a person who, just like many others, is trying to keep afloat by delivering a little bit of happiness!

So, in my socially distanced home workshop I will be focussing on making sure every order is made with care & delivers that extra boost we all need right now!

Speak soon!

Lily x

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